Extra Curricula Activities

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Science Club

 A science club offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom. 

Basketball Club

The Mission of the Basketball Club is to educate and empower the students who love Basketball. 

Football Club

Majesty International Schools focuses on improving soccer skills and having a positive and focused mental attitude. 

Zumba Club

Students participate in an aerobic format latin style dance designed for muscle toning and flexibility. Students develop muscle memory in their core area in order to use the core muscles to burn fat in their workout.


Arts & Crafts Club

 Arts and crafts require kids to use both hands in a certain manner, which can help them develop fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. It also focuses on developing creativity and uniqueness of ideas  while developing other skills like critical thinking and socializing. 

Cooking Club

Cooking is an essential life skill that can be learnt at any stage of life. 

At Majesty, it is our endeavor to make students learn all life skills and hence, we  have a Cooking Club as part of our extra-curricular activities. 

English Movie Club

English Movie Club provides a safe space for young people to grow, flourish and gain confidence as well as creating a sense of unity across age ranges, social classes and ethnicities through a shared appreciation of film. 

Art Club

 Art Club focuses on building a school community and friendships between student artists. Our students create murals and artworks around the school with the intention to create a positive atmosphere.

Board Games Club

Board games provide students with opportunities to apply concepts they have learned. Board games promote collaboration, inquiry and critical thinking.

Performance & Dance Clubs

Dancing and Performance classes boost The brain, Increase Memorization Skills, promote Teamwork, Increase Student’s Focus and Teach Respect

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