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FS2 Graduation

The graduation ceremony will surely remain a memorable day for our little ones! During our FS2 graduation, we were blessed by the touching voice of Mrs May Abd El Aziz  as she expressed our students’ feelings through the Majesty song. We would also like to thank our music teacher Mr Ahmed Mostafa, the writer behind the lyrics of the song. Your words added an overflow of emotions to the occasion so thank you Mr Ahmed. 

Meet our Early Years team

Meet our Early Years team made up of a competent group of teachers full of energy to fulfill the vision of Majesty International Schools. They are the team behind the new generation of students at Majesty.

EYFS team, we await your magical teaching skills!

2021/2022 Welcome Party

“A smile is the universal welcome”

Majesty International Schools extended a warm welcome to some very special students as our contribution to The Hope Giver Campaign.
Various activities and games are organized for our guests and all of our students to celebrate our love for education and family. We were honored to be able to host this day and we look forward to our future plans in helping to support our community in any way that we can,

We thank everyone that assisted in making this day possible.
Working together for the hope of our future leaders.

UK Embassy: Sports for Climate Change

 At Majesty International Schools, our students are taught to speak up, contribute and never stand still. When it comes to global warming our students became one and decided that the world should be a better place. Our students decided to participate in “Sports For Climate Event” in the British embassy yesterday. As a part of COP26UK, the students participated with a video explaining how to tackle the problems instigating from global warming. 

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