International Community

At Majesty International Schools, our students are taught to speak up, contribute and never stand still. When it comes to global warming our students became one and decided that the world should be a better place. Our students decided to participate in “Sports For Climate Event” in the British embassy yesterday.
As a part of COP26UK, the students participated with a video explaining how to tackle the problems instigating from global warming.


Our EYFS children brought life and other cultures to the school through their International Day. We were honoured by the presence of our distinguished guest Prof. Camillo Giorgi, School Office Manager of the Embassy of Italy and our wonderful parents who are an essential part of the Majesty Family. Watch the little ones as they sing and dance to present different cultures around the world. Thumbs Up to all the EYFS children and teachers!
@Istituto Italiano di Cultura e Centro Archeologico Italiano – Il Cairo


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