Learning Support

Majesty International Schools possess the understanding that every student is an individual, therefore, we offer an array of Learning Support Programs to our students, whether they require short term or long-term support.
Remedial Program
Majesty International Schools’ remedial program is designed to reinforce and strengthen student’s knowledge, enabling them to master specific skill sets in any one subject. These programs are offered to all of Majesty’s pupils throughout the course of the academic day. Over the course of the year, teachers, students, or parents alike may submit a request to the school requesting additional sessions for the student. In the case the request is made by a teacher a report is submitted to the administration and parents are communicated with informing them of the established plan. In some circumstances, a student may only require a few sessions of support with regular follow up conducted following those sessions to ensure the child has met the standard requirements.
ESL – English Second Language Program.
Majesty welcomes students from all over the world, we understand that not every child has mastered the English Language therefore, we offer ESL (English Second Language) for those that require such support. Students are assessed upon entrance and individual learning plans are established for the student in question. Majesty involves its parents throughout our students academic journey. Communicating the child’s progress and accomplishments is an essential componentt to a child success.
Boosting classes instructions and guidelines
There are two types of support classes, the support and the techniques applied will be in accordance to the academic level and needs of the student.
Type 1: Push in Model
This model can be applied during the ongoing classes, whereby the support teacher works within the regular class setting. The teacher is then expected to offer the following to the students requiring support:
Maintain the focus of the student by constantly supervising performance and behaviour.
Observe the student’s attitude towards his learning and take notes.
To collaborate closely with the Class Teacher to provide differentiated work for the student.
Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher identify students requiring support.
A letter will be sent to the parents for notification.
Time table will be set accordingly (Library lessons could be used for further Boosting Classes).
Type 2 : Pull out Model
The Pull Out Model will be applied when the student flagged is at high risk. Students are flagged as such when the gap between their actual academic performance and the expected one is remarkably vast. Students will be pulled out from specialist classes (Art, Music, P.E.)
The Boosting Class teacher is accountable for the following:
Student’s work should be dated well kept within a portfolio (for close tracking of academic progress).
After 6 weeks, an assessment will be conducted based on the objectives covered during this period.
A progress report will be issued after the assessment and will be sent to the parents.
Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher need to flag the student requiring support.
A letter will be sent to the parents for notification.
A meeting will be conducted to discuss the student’s academic form with the parents and a consent form will be signed by the parent. If a parent has already been informed, the consent form will suffice (There will be no need for a meeting).
Time table will be set accordingly.
The above-mentioned guidelines and processes are subject to change and updates.
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